Hey guys. For our newly resubscribed customers..It’s come to our attention that AT&T is quietly & temporarily disabling the service of customers who are consuming 300GB or more of data within a 10 day period.

Although this service is generally “Unlimited” we believe that due to the national crisis , AT&T is relieving the extreme congestion on their system by suddenly stopping power users.

Sorry.. That’s the way it is. If you suddenly find yourself without service and you’re a power user you know why.. let us know and we’ll get to you as quick as we can.


General inquiries & Customer Service

” Submit order number, name, make & model number of your device and the issue you are facing to:  Info@netbuddy.co

If you were a customer and were unsubscribed you may resubscribe by just ordering the service as a new customer.
Also taking new orders.
If your service was cancelled early tell us in the order notes how many days you were shorted. We’ll check and then reimburse the difference.