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 Hey guys. For our newly resubscribed customers..It’s come to our attention that AT&T is quietly & temporarily disabling the service of customers who are consuming 300GB or more of data within a 10 day period.

Although this service is generally “Unlimited” we believe that due to the national crisis , AT&T is relieving the extreme congestion on their system by suddenly stopping power users.

Sorry.. That’s the way it is. If you suddenly find yourself without service and you’re a power user you know why.. let us know and we’ll get to you as quick as we can.

2 Great Offers

Same Great Unlimited Service


$65.00 / Month - Net buddy Plan

The Great $65/Month –  Net Buddy Plan.

$34.99 / Month - Purchase Surplus AT&T Plan from us.

Control your own AT&T plan.
We turn over AT&T account to you.
Same great service that Net Buddy uses
First Month is Activated

Just 1 time purchase of $240.00

 UNLINITED PLAN AS BEFORE- $65.00/Month -Net Buddy Plan

        • Purchase our monthly plan (Remote Activation)
          At checkout submit your 20 digit SIM card
          We activate service remotely
      • Insert SIM in MIFI Hotspot or 4G router
        enjoy your unlimited internet.




$34.99/ Month AT&T Account Sell Off. Purchase for $240. OUT OF STOCK UNTILL FURTHER NOTICE.

 $34.99 / Month AT&T Plan  Out of Stock

(Purchase Price:) 
      • Own your own AT&T Account.
      • After payment is made, Net Buddy will transfer ownership of account by switching login credentials  to new user email
      • First month’s service will be already activated by time of handoff
      • Send Payment of $
      •  If you’re already a customer we will hand off account with same SIM # if you desire. or you may use new SIM 
      • New Customers accepted also – Be sure to include 20 digit SIM number (ICC number) in PayPal customer notes
      • Handoff may take from 30 Minutes to 24 Hours.

Enjoy Your service!